Friday, October 30, 2009

Training For Your Goals!

When you begin a training program, you will have some goals that you want to achieve. If you do not have any goals, then you probably will not achieve much success. Goals can be combined into multiple categories. Some of the most common categories are weight loss, muscle gain, general health, enhanced athletic performance and training for a specific event. How you train should be directly related to the goal that you have set. You must also have a proper nutrition program to accompany your training program. I will cover nutrition in a future blog.

Training for weight loss is the most common of all training goals. Obesity is a major problem in our society. There are many options for dealing with weight loss. I personally feel that the best way to change your body is to work with a good fitness trainer, but I am a little biased. The best way to train for a weight loss goal is usually cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training for weight loss most commonly starts with walking or riding on a bike. This is a good safe way to start your training program. I would recommend 30 minutes of cardiovascular training when you first start. In addition to your cardiovascular training program, you need a beginning core strengthening and weight training program. I will not go into specific exercises, but your core and weight training programs are basic and light. Basic and light does not mean easy. You must be pushing yourself to progress in your program, at every workout.

The #1 failure of people who try and lose weight is the lack of progression in their program. Walking on the treadmill at a fast pace, with an incline is good for a start. A month into your training program, you should not be doing the same thing. For example, I have taken new clients that start out walking at 3.0 mph on the treadmill. Within two months that same client is jogging a mile at 4.5 mph. That client did not get there over night: every week they made small improvements that contributed to a big improvement. The main idea I try to get into the clients' mind is the belief that they can do it. So much of success is believing that you can do it!

Next Blog I will cover the goal of building muscle!

Casey Wilson

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