Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Fitness Blog

Hey Everyone,

I am starting a fitness blog. My intent is to bring you valuable fitness, nutrition and supplement information. I also want my blog to be interactive, with a lot of questions to be asked by the readers. I will draw on my 9 years of experience and multiple certifications to answer any questions you may have about living a healthy lifestyle. If I do not know the answer, I have a wealth of resources to draw on to get an informative answer. I would also like to help the readers of this blog dispel myth's and falsehoods about all things fitness related. Trust me, their are plenty of myth's and falsehoods to be dispelled.

I had a common question asked by a client today, "when am I going to start enjoying the workouts". He relayed the example of people who just love the actual workout, that make the gym their second home. My response to him was, "they are a rare group of people". Most people don't like to workout. Most humans try and find the path of least resistance to all things in life. Most people that workout regularly do so because it is a necessary evil to stay healthy and looking good. I also related to him that getting in shape is the hard part of the process. Once you have achieved your desired level of fitness, then your maintenance program is not nearly as difficult.

Their is not magic pill or magic machine that is going to bring you a fit and healthy body. Their is no easy way to get truly healthy and fit. Hard work and discipline are the true keys to getting fit. Their are many more things you will need to get fit, but if you are willing to work hard and be disciplined you will be successful. One of the other key components is knowledge and that is what I am here for. A good personal trainer will have all the knowledge you need to get you fit and will have a lot of tools in their tool box. If a trainer is for some reason not the path for you, start researching fitness yourself through reading and watching video. This can also help you gain fitness knowledge. Unfortunately those sources are no substitute for a good trainer, all my clients will second that premise. Their are many path's you can go down to get fit and only you will know the right path for yourself. The bottom line is, that you may or may not enjoy the journey, but the final results will be worth it.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts and please send me any questions you may have about fitness.

Casey Wilson

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  1. Finally got to read your new blog - can't wait for your next one. I'd love to know what's inspired you to help people or your nutritional philosophy? I learned something new that I hadn't realized. I have never considered myself as a gifted person physically - but you showed me something. I love working out - I may not be the fastest or the best competitor, but I'm rare because I love doing it! Thanks