Thursday, January 7, 2010

Annual Body Composition Change Contest

Wilson Personal Training
Highest % Fitness Contest
Hi Everyone,
Every year I put on a fitness contest for all my clients. It is a mini biggest loser type of
contest. The goal is to change your body fat % by more than the other competitor. This can
be accomplished by losing body fat, gaining muscle or a combination of both. The contest
runs from February 1st, till April 1st.
There are only a few rules for the contest.
-You must have your measurements taken at the start and the end of the contest.
-You must train two sessions a week with me for the duration of the contest. That means
you must purchase 16 sessions during the two months of the contest. I will also include
clients that attend two bootcamps per week.
-The prize for 1st is 10 training sessions. Value $600
-I will have some small prizes for runners up.
-Their may be some more prizes announced at a later date. Anyone who may be interested
in donating a prize for the contest please contact me. I will put up and advertisement in my
studio for businesses that donate a prize.
This contest is great fun every year and for you really competitive people, it is great
motivation to change your body.
If you have any questions please contact me and I will be glad to answer them.
Casey Wilson
Wilson Personal Training

Friday, January 1, 2010

Little Testimonial from one of my Clients.

Great Trainer‎

I have been training with Casey for about a year. He pushes me harder than I am willing to push myself, and it has paid off. I have increased muscle mass, core strength, and have improved my hill climbing capacity on my mountain bike. I have type 2 diabetes and rely on the training to extend the length and quality of my life. Thanks Casey!‎

Tim Lorenson